when people-family members, polticians etc- go around saying that homosexuality, bisexuality etc etc aren’t a part of the indian culture, it makes me so fricking upset. you know why? i have spent all the seventeen years of my life in this country. my favourite food is rajma chawal. i watch bollywood movies. i grew up reading amar chitra katha comics. i celebrate holi, diwali and rakshabandhan. indian culture is my culture. and news flash, i’m a bisexual. by saying all of those things that people say about gays and bi people, they are alienating me and people like me. they are telling us that we don’t belong here; that the only home we’’ve ever known does not accept us. and all of this just because I love someone other than a man. Something you’re not comfortable with. Also, something that is none of your goddamn business.

Fuck you.

Urvy out

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