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40 Questions Every Content Marketer Should Ask Their Customers

Photo Credit: The Wild Blogger/ Flickr

By Urvashi Verma

Creating compelling and engaging content for your customers can sometimes seem like an arduous task. Nearly 70 percent of companies are creating B2B content to engage their target audience. However, 54 percent say that it’s hard to create engaging content.

In a competitive environment, there are many factors which can differentiate your content from others. It’s important to know not just about your customer or client, but more importantly their customers.

I was recently asked by an employer to create a list of questions that would help us create the most compelling content. Here are forty essential questions to ask your B2B customers that may help you identify what information they seek or find engaging.

  1. What was the most compelling factor which led to your decision to buy our product demos, pricing, ease of use etc?
  2. What content led you to make a final decision to work with our company?
  3. What keeps you awake at night or what do you worry about the most regarding your industry?
  4. What are three main challenges you face in your job on a regular basis?
  5. What is your biggest unmet business need at this time?
  6. What are the major industry trends or changes do you think will impact your business in the next year?
  7. Are there any new areas or industries that you/the company plans to enter? If so, what are they?
  8. What is the greatest obstacle in reaching your short-term and long-term goals?
  9. What is your company’s greatest competitive strength?
  10. What is the greatest untapped opportunity for your company?
  11. Where do most of your business leads come from?
  12. Do you plan to launch any new products, campaigns or features in the next year? If yes what are they? When will you launch etc…
  13. What is your target audience? What kind companies does your business service?
  14. Who is your ideal buyer or customer?
  15. Who are your current competitors?
  16. How do learn about changes in your industry?
  17. What major events will you or your company participate or host this year?
  18. What professional associations do you belong to?
  19. Will you be participating in any professional development courses? If yes, which ones?
  20. What conferences do you or decision makers attend? Name at least 3
  21. What industry publications do you read ? Name at least 3
  22. How much do you trust the industry information from general sources?
  23. Which publication or online sites do you trust the least?
  24. Who are the influencers or people most important to your industry?
  25. Which social media platforms do you use to gain professional information and industry trends?
  26. Which social media platform do you trust the most for professional information?
  27. Which social media platform is best for your customer acquisition goals?
  28. Do you participate in any online professional groups or forums? If yes, which ones?
  29. Have you participated in any webinars? If yes, which ones? Did you find them useful?
  30. What kind of content do you prefer to use in meetings and presentations- case studies, slide decks, infographics etc, demos?
  31. What content/methods do you use to reach out to your customers and employees to tell your success stories (Newsletter, blog, videos etc)
  32. Do you prefer to watch videos, read newsletters, listen to podcasts or view slide-decks?
  33. What has been the most effective content piece that you/ your company has created in the past 12 months?
  34. Do you trust information from paid advertising channels? If yes, which ones
  35. Name 3 words that describe your best business partners?
  36. What do you value most in your business partnerships?
  37. What hobbies and activities do you participate in with other employees, co-workers colleagues, and customers?
  38. What is the most popular employee/ HR event that your company hosts?
  39. Are there any philanthropic activities or causes your company participates? If yes, what are they?
  40. What was the most compelling thing a business solution provider did for you that exceeded your expectations or touched your heart?

Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to comment, like and share!