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Living 20s is the most difficult decade of your life cycle. You get off with your high school years, your graduation cap fits well, now you’re either trying to fit yourself in your post grad cycle or struggle to get your first official job.

You try so hard to fit in, like a girl try to fit in her dress when she was Five.(Bad example. I agree.) Our life becomes like a 6-coach-blue-line-metro at office hours. Everyone rushing, pushing each other to just fit in the metro coaches like this is the last metro of the day. Cursing each other for stepping on foot or carrying a heavy bag on their back which hinders other person’s space. ( Trust me, the metro fights are funnily weird. I mean, i’m not stepping on your foot because I want to ruin your day. So shut-up!)

I’m Just 21 (as most of the people who know me knows) and I still have the confidence to write about it, whereas I’ve just been in this cycle for 2 years. I guess I get that from The Almighty above (feeling: Blessed)

You know I’m writing this just in a hope that the readers could relate and get this thing clear in their head that *IT’S OK*

It’s OK if you don’t fit in.

It’s OK if you have no plans for your future.

It’s OK if you don’t do well everywhere.

It’s OK if you lost your job.

It’s OK! Trust me. You’ll be fine. Feeling unsure and lost is a part of your journey.Breathe! You’ll be okay even if you don’t feel it all the time because sometimes the plans you have for yourself are smaller and more insignificant that the plans The Universe might have for you.

So guys, STOP! BREATHE! SMILE! It’s time for self-introspection. It’s time to take a time-out from the races you’re running into or fights you’re fighting. (This reminds me of Sultan. What a movie! Anytime Salman Fan) It’s time to peep into yourself and examine your own mental and emotional processes. It’s time not to try to fit in yourself externally, but to see, do you really fit in for your own self?

Yes, your time is valuable. But serendipity is real.

Tell me, isn’t it tiring waking up everyday to perform better than someone in the competition? To get the best colleges or jobs? To get everything perfect? I mean what is this competition for? Who are you competing with? To get a higher post? For? Ego satisfaction? To earn the maximum? For? Living in the most luxurious way?

People, let me tell you, it’s never about it. You don’t have to be in this competition anymore. No more fights to get in the best. Yes! You got me right. There exists no Competition.

#LetsBeHonest Everyone wants to make money to lead a happy and comfortable life. Who doesn’t like money? Money is cool. But, money is not everything. Now you will hit me by questions like “ Are you stupid? In such a cut-throat competitive environment you want us to chill in life and forget about our life after 10 years? Don’t you want us to settle down?” (This ‘ Settle down’ is not that asked to Sania Mirza in her latest interview)

But answer me, Whom do you want to settle down for? Yourself or Society? Who are you running for ? Yourself? Really? NO! You’re running from yourself. Hiding in the mob! Don’t do that, because these races and fights wont matter after 10 years. What matter will be How well you know yourself? How well do you understand your emotions? How happy you are? How content do you feel?

It’s not about stressing yourself to be at an equal par with others because#LetsBeHonest we can’t be in the same shoes as others because we haven’t walked down their path.

A friend told me that life in 20s suck and I’m here to change this perception. Life in 20s is a learning phase because if You’re obsessed with your goals, you might be missing out on many things. We have our hormones at peak, energies to the fullest, desire, strength, patience and what not. If we won’t start to earn today we won’t land anywhere later. Agreed! But people use your hormones to positive side, invest your energy to make your life worth it. Grow internally.

My idea is simple, we have to be better for ourselves. Feel content at any day of your journey. Live with no regrets. You are born as humans not to achieve the materialistic luxuries rather to grow subconsciously.

I might sound Old School, but we will talk about it on our death-bed. What have we really earned all through this journey? If you don’t get my point, keep running until we meet there and have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Time to grow up. Stand up for your own selves. Be a strength for yourself. Be happy for who you are and what you’ve done. Don’t hold yourself back. Take it Slow. Explore yourself before anything. Who are you rushing for? You’re loosing yourself behind or I should say you’ve already lost yourself. So get yourself back together. Get to know yourself. connect to The Almighty because #LetsBeHonest you can’t run anywhere if He’s not with you.

I agree living through 20s is the most crucial phase of our journey, but darling, remember we have to live through it, not to rush because as I’ve already mentioned *IT’S OK!*

It’s OK if your plans doesn't work your way.

It’s OK if you don’t earn to buy the luxuries.

It’s OK if you feel lost and insecure.

IT’S Ok if you can’t find yourself making through it.

because maybe you’re not born to be successful but to have a positive growth towards your subconscious targets.

It’s perfectly fine to explore what your heart wants. It’s completely alright to tune out rest of the world so you can build a connection with your soul. It’s remarkably uncommon,but it’s fine and alright, so do it. You won’t regret getting to know the person who lives inside you because the most beautiful thing you’ll ever witness in your life is when you begin to unfold into the person you were meant to be from your very beginning.

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