Mothers Are The Best Guide

Mother is an epitome of love, unconditional love. Mother can never see us cry. Mother sacrifices her dream to make our dream come true. Mother is the most honest critic. Mother understands us, even the unspoken words. Mother tolerates our brattiest attitude and ever-changing moods without any complain. Mother prepares us for the roughest situation of our life. Mother gives us birth. Mother makes our house, The Home. Much of mother and her doings for us? I love my Mom, we all love our Mom.

Every Mom is special. Every one acknowledge their mother in some way or the other. But in the daily course of our lives we tend to forget about her (speaking from personal experience).

Getting ready for school/college/office, we leave our room as a mess and rush out and when we return, we find everything at place. MOM

Losing an important piece of paper amidst our own chaos, we find it only with the help of our MOM.

In need of a glass of water, we call a name and no matter what is she doing, she appears with what we need. MOM

Planned a house party, we get delicious food served on a plate and beautiful room decor. MOM

We score the maximum of our abilities by writing paragraphs but the first word taught to us by her. MOM

We invest thousands of Rupees in styling ourselves but the first pair of clothing was gifted to us. MOM

Feeling a little down. Comfort us by keeping our head in her lap. MOM

First fight/heartbreak. She soothes us by her kiss. MOM

Love to dance. Our first step was supported by her. MOM (dancing-baby).

We don’t thank her for her presence. We don’t thank her for making everything alright. We don’t thank her for guiding our each single day. We don’t thank her for the food we eat. We don’t thank her for adapting our changes. We don’t thank her for sacrificing her dreams to make us chase ours. We don’t thank her for loosing her beauty and strength to nurture us. We don’t thank her for many other unspoken and unnoticed actions of her in our journey.

So today, I’m writing this to acknowledge every mother in this whole wide world for the things we don’t notice in our journey. The pain of a mother’s daily struggle.

Our mothers often feel unappreciated and much of what they do may go unnoticed. We may think that they exist simply to meet our needs and although may not express that directly, our actions speak clearly.

A mother’s presence can become so ubiquitous that she is taken for granted, slipping instead into obscurity . What they do and who they are is often invisible to us. A mother’s work is hard and often goes unrecognized. Yet they choose to put our emotional needs before their own.

Did we realize that there are moments when one minute we want nothing to do with mom and the next moment we want to cuddle her. How hard it is for her to balance being there for us with letting us become more independent ? Did we realize that what we are today, how we act and react is all due to the stories our mom told us about her life and how she dealt with her problems and issues growing up?

There was a point in my life when sitting next to my mom in public was the most embarrassing thing possible or kissing mom in front of my friends was pretty much social suicide (kid enough!) but that doesn’t take away from how much I truly love her. What I am today as a person, my thought process, my reactions, what I wear (my skin to my long hair) I owe all this to My MOM.

I could not have been the same person if its not My MOM behind me. She guided me towards becoming a better person, friend and a companion. Even what I write today is inspired by My MOM.

I owe her my Presence.

Anyway, Darlings, the sole purpose of my *Thought For Change* Is: Love your Mom at the moments she doesn’t even expect anyone to love her. You can’t love her the way she loves you but #LetsBeHonest every individual long to be Loved. Understand your mom at her weakest and stand by her at her strongest because #LetsBeHonest she stood by you even when you thought its difficult to survive.

There will be times when you will enter in an argument with her, when you will think she can’t adjust to your pace, when you will have no time to spend with her, when you will think its hard to adjust with her, but Darlings, do not leave her hand. She is growing up. Undergoing so many hormonal and physical changes and its hard,even for her to cope up with her changes. Its new to her. She is entering a new phase of her life. She might be annoying at times or stubborn, but remember a person at the age of 5 or 50 are similar (Recall the Poem ‘ Seven Ages’ from High School)

So, just keep loving her, support her, make her feel secure, happy, content. Most of all make her feel that no matter what heights you’ve conquered, you’re still her little kid. Make her feel wanted. Make her feel important. Tell her that she is the most beautiful lady you see( even with her wrinkled face and puffy eyes) and Tell her that she still matters a lot.

So, this is for all the mothers who have kept awake all night with their toddlers in their arm. For all the mothers who show up at work with milk stains on their dress and diapers in their handbags. For all the mothers who cried when they held their babies for the first time and for those who will never see their babies again. For all the mothers of victims of the school shootings and mother of those who were involved in shooting. For all young and aged, working and housewives, married and single mothers.

Mom! We love you! You’re irreplaceable. Sorry for being a pain in ass and Thank you for bearing with us.

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