The Destroy Doubt Tour | Stop 05: Los Angeles

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Jul 20, 2018 · 2 min read

We brought two rival high schools together in LA for the day, and these kids dream big, on the field and beyond. These two historic urban programs have struggled as nearby competitors build up their own talent bases. But for these players, football is family, and it helps them focus and grind on their life’s goals.

Nick Delgadillo: I want to go to school to be an engineer, and play football at a Division 1 college. Football taught me how to be humble, mute everything out, and do what you gotta do.

AJ Parral: It’s a harsh world out there, but I’m not gonna let anybody get in my mind.

My family always told me, do you.

Matthew Saenz: I want to play football at the college level. Keep doubting me, I’m gonna come up. I’m gonna grind.

Peter Garcia: I want to become a firefighter, even though people tell me it’s hard to get in. There’s always competition in the world, you just gotta work harder than everybody else.

US Nike Football

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Destroy Doubt Tour: First-Person Stories of High School Football

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