And why I’ll never run one because it’s not worth the hassle.

Collaborate with others in Google Docs and

Think framework, not process. Start with Empathize and Define every single time.

So much goes into building a website, but why are designers always to blame?

What you need to know before you make the move.

The only magic bullet to getting started in the field: hard work.

Use the process to turn a job interview into an opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a designer.

Understanding your audience is essential to building great products. Sometimes you don’t have to interview them to do it.

Buy their stuff, show appreciation, and remember they’re people too.

The people I love helping show an effort at getting to know me. They also ask great questions that go beyond the standard, “How do I write a resume.”

At the last few events…

Patrick Neeman

Interaction Designer and World Citizen. Runs and The opinions here are my own, however misguided.

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