This family explains how easy it was to fill out their documents and follow the instructions given to them by USAFIS, a private immigration service. The attorneys that work with USAFIS worked directly with this family, as they do all foreign nationals, to help them through the immigration process so their applications can be sent without any errors or omissions.

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America has seen waves of change over the centuries in immigration. Looking back to the first wave in 1820, over 7.5 million immigrants came to America.

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People living in the US are seeing household wealth continuing to rise every year. America has accounted for 40 percent of the world’s wealth since 2008.

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Everything is bigger in Texas, even the median home size. The average home is 1,952 square feet and costs $100 per square foot to purchase.

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Although wages are on the rise in America, not every state is the same when it comes to how far your money will take you. Coastal states are more expensive, but southern states are where you will see your money go further.

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If you are not looking to spend all of your savings, but would like to live in a thriving area, the United States has several cities perfect for you. Austin, Texas, ranks at the top of the list.

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The number one state in America for fun is California. Check out the other states ranked high for fun and entertainment in the U.S.

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From last 15 years USAFIS is successfully guiding its satisfied clients to win American green card DV lottery program. Website:

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