Health For All

Last week we had the honor to join 400 of the world’s leading health experts from 45 different at the Institutionalizing Community Health Conference in South Africa. This was a great opportunity to share progress and identify solutions to pressing challenges in achieving #HealthForAll.

Check out some of our blogs from the ICHC Blog Series. They were also featured on The Huffington Post.

Strengthening HIV linkage and retention through improved community & facility collaboration in Botswana

By: Kesaobaka Dikgole and Cecil Haverkamp, USAID ASSIST Project — Botswana

“The experience in Palla Road demonstrates the potential role communities can play in improving community and facility collaboration. Senior managers from the District Health Management Team expressed interest in scaling up similar examples of improved collaboration, and strengthening the role of communities more broadly.” Read more.

Harnessing the Power of Community Networks

By: Ram Shrestha, Senior Improvement Advisor for Community Systems, USAID ASSIST Project

“Through my work on the ASSIST Project, we have developed a Community Health System Strengthening Model that brings together formal and informal pre-existing structures and networks to support and amplify the approach of CHWs. By tapping into the structures already in place in the community, CHWs are able to reach every household and, therefore, every individual in a more rapid, effective and sustainable manner.” Read more.

Using Quality Improvement Approaches for Better Community Health

By: Kim Ethier Stover, Senior Quality Improvement Advisor, USAID ASSIST Project

“University Research Co., LLC (URC) has a reputation as a leader in applying quality improvement to health care systems in low- and middle-income countries. While each project designs their quality improvement efforts in different ways, there is a common thread: recognizing that community-level services or contributors to care — such as access and care seeking behavior — can also benefit from quality improvement approaches.” Read more.

There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re energized to tackle what’s next. That’s why we’re excited to continue to celebrate the hard work of community health workers this week during World Health Worker Week. Join us in honoring health worker heroes.

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