Favorite Home Renovation Trends of 2019

I’m the type of person that likes to do all my home improvement myself. There is something so satisfying about stepping back, looking a the work done to your house, and being proud of the job.

I won’t claim to know everything about carpentry or tile-work, however. Sometimes, I need to turn to the internet for not only how-to’s, but inspiration for my projects. Some trends, I like. Others, I can’t stand. Here are a few of my favorite renovation trends that seem to be a popular in 2019.

Copper accents

Credit: Remodelista

We’ve seen different metals take the stage recently when it comes to home decor. A few years ago, brass was it. Last year, it was rose gold. This year, copper seems to be the go-to metal. The color goes with a wide variety of pallets, but I enjoy it for earthy tones. It really livens up a room where regular silver would not.

Concrete counters

Credit: DIY Network

Concrete introduces an interesting and individualized edge to a room. You can have nice and smooth counters with a gentle swirl, or you can have a sort of grittier, more masculine countertop. They’re cheaper than a lot of other countertop alternatives, which is definitely a plus.

Wood beams

Credit: Sebring Design Build

I have always been a fan of dark wood accents and beams, so I am very happy they are back in style. Wood beams really bring a lovely focal point to a room, transforming a space with just a few slabs of wood.

I personally enjoy all three of these features together. I think they contrast and compliment one another just the right amount, creating a great, cohesive space.