Concept of Shia and Sunni sect

Today many of us proclaims ourselves to be Muslims but Our lives doesn’t highlights it well. In Edhi Sab’s book, in page 36 he talk about sects in Muslims.I just found these lines meaningful at a great extent to be discussed further.

I was born in a family whose point of view about Religious is very clear because i born in a Sunni family. But my parents always taught me that there is no religion except to believe in Allah and accept Last Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H). So i was follow my parents but when they sent me to Mosque there i found different situation i heard from someone there is no need to eat with sect of Shia because Allah is angry by their acts they are doing and they have done in past. I didn’t accept these things because Our Prophet also set with Non Muslims and eat with them. So to said that eating with shia this is not acceptable i think this is wrong. I think these kind of concepts are made by ourselves just to divide the people.

As in Islam there is no concept of Shiaa and Suni so why we following this. This is the main problem of Muslims not to spend their lives well because we are spread in sects when this is not happened, that time the Muslims are on top. Let’s leave in God and try to become united and not focus on that kinda things because we are Muslims not Shia and Suni.