Learning how to Learn

Challenges are the part of life which keep oneself motivated and give a last breath to your driving force to just complete it. But its not necessary for everyone to keep themselves motivated by the challenges, some challenges are so hard that one can’t keep with them and choose to surrender!. Learning how to learn is pretty awesome way to overcome those challenges by applying simple procedures.

Most of the time during work, the biggest challenge I faced is the to focus on thing, I’m like start a multi-tasking work and ends up with nothing fully completed. Another challenge is to stay motivated, mostly after half an hour I loose interest and eventually stop doing that work.

The most important thing I learn in this course is the use of focused and diffusive thinking which helps to think about new ideas in a really different way. Furthermore pomodoro technique helps to keep you focused and motivated for specific period of time and hence by this way you complete most of your work in a quality manner. I have applied pomodore technique during my exams session in which I complete specific topics for 25minutes and then have a break and move on to next one. This really helped me in memorizing the things a proper order and I never felt tired or get bored when I applied this technique to my daily life.