USA Martial Arts Fitness Academy Outlines The Importance of Afterschool Programs for Children

Learning doesn’t stop when the school day ends. While kids rely on traditional schooling to receive instruction on subjects like math, science, and reading, today’s afterschool programs are proven to help them sharpen their interpersonal skills, expand their social circles, and cultivate healthier habits.

In truth, afterschool programs like the classes offered by USA Martial Fitness Academy and Head Instructor Juan Sanchez aren’t just a necessary bonus to the lessons that children receive during the school day; they are an essential continuance of any full, robust education program.

Here’s how afterschool initiatives help today’s youth develop into well-balanced students who will grow into driven, healthy, world-changing adults.

Boosting academic performance

One of the most prominent benefits of afterschool programs that USA Martial Fitness Academy has noted is its ability to boost students’ academic performance. Studies show that kids who participate in structured activities like Taekwondo or Karate after their traditional school day consistently outperform those who do not.

Participation in these programs, interestingly, is also shown to improve students’ classroom behavior and bring more overall focus to academic studies — proving that although afterschool initiatives fall outside of the boundaries of traditional education, they do considerably boost academic performance and even increase a child’s likelihood of graduation.

Creating a sense of community

For many children, afterschool programs provide a valuable opportunity to connect socially with other kids without the overly restrictive boundaries of the formal education system. In providing new ground for social interaction, USA Martial Fitness Academy has noticed that its students have the opportunity to interact and bond with individuals they might not otherwise meet.

Because many of these programs are centered around a specific activity (such as martial arts), it also gives kids the grounds to build activity-based relationships that extend beyond traditional social circles. In turn, this fosters a strong sense of community, expands their circles, and promotes social diversity at an early age.

Improving physical health

Much of the school day is spent seated or at desks, but afterschool programs provide kids with an initiative to get active and have fun while doing it. Many programs, such as the options offered by organizations like USA Martial Fitness Academy are physically focused. They help educate kids on the importance of staying active. This, alongside a myriad of other positive health benefits, may likely reduce obesity risks and improve life quality.

Reducing family stress

For working parents, afterschool programs are often more than a fun auxiliary activity, they’re a sanity-saving staple. It’s hard to juggle a work schedule with a child’s schooling schedule; the two often don’t align. It’s not uncommon for working parents to miss a day of work, leave work early, or allow their work performance to suffer because of their child’s transportation and care requirements.

Afterschool programs help ease this burden by providing working parents with valuable wiggle room. Often, they give school-age children a safe place to go after school while parents are at work. This helps reduce the parent’s stress, allowing them to worry less about scheduling and perform better at their job. The result, according to many studies, is reduced family stress, improved job security, increased household income, and likely a better home life overall.

USA Martial Arts Fitness Academy is a Martial Arts dojo that has been serving the South Bronx community for over 10 years.

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