The Pomodoro Technique — Be More Productive

Today I want to discuss the technique that has helped me do my tasks on time.


I used to be a professional procrastinator. If procrastination was a skill, I would have been the master of it.

I was frustrated with this habit of mine — delaying everything, every time. Like all lazy lads, I read quite a few blog posts to overcome laziness but remained failed. Finally, I came to know about this technique — The Pomodoro Technique.

Well, it’s a very simple technique, no rocket science involved. We break down a larger task into chunks. Take breaks after completing few chunks and keep going until the task is done. This is how Pomodoro technique works:

  1. Decide the task you need to complete.
  2. Now you need to set a timer. The timer would ring after 25 minutes. Though it’s up to you to adjust the time according to your need but traditionally the timer is set to 25 minutes.(You can use stopwatch or something similar like an Android or iOS app).
  3. Start your task and do not stop until the timer starts ringing.
  4. Put a checkmark on a paper.
  5. If your work is still not completed, take a small break. I take around 5 minutes of break. Start the timer again. If work is yet to be completed, take break again. Put another checkmark. Keep doing this until you have at least 4 checkmarks.
  6. Once you have four checkmarks, take a longer break. I take around 15 minutes of break. Start from the very first step and repeat the following steps.

After installing several apps I have finally settled down on one app and that is BrainFocus. It’s an easy to use app with amazing features. Though it’s not mandatory to install. You can use any other app but BrainFocus is my recommendation if you’re an Android user.

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