The animal farm too accurate too scary

I was very surprised that a novel that was written in 1945 describes accurate events that we see every day in our modern life, events that affect our history so much that changes the image of our society and how these events have been stupidly happening over and over again without anyone taking notice,
the animal farm simply tells the story of a bunch of farm animals that suffers from the slavery at the hands of their owner Mr jones
one day the oldest pig in the farm dreams a strange dream and tells the rest of jones manor ‘animals his dream that was about the revolution of the animals to end the torment and suffering the next day the old pig dies but his words kept spinning in the heads of the poor animals.
The revolution does happen led and organized be the youngest pigs the animals manage to take over the farm beat Mr jones and drive Mrs jones away.
without spoiling the story for you the events that happened next few chapters have a remarkable resemblance to events that happened in many countries that rise up to their leaders stands up to their tyrants 
how after a while the dream of a life free of pain and conflict where everyone is equal changes to another form slavery to an identity that is forged by a fake loyalty to a community that once were ours now we work for it much like the life before what has changed was that instead being slave to greedy person that never said that he was one of us to a bunch of liars that say work hard today to live in peace tomorrow but tomorrow never comes and today gets longer and longer.
in my opinion, its wonderful novel but it scared me that it is so accurate to what happens in real life were the leaders who corrupted the trajectory of their people’s revolutions used this novel as manual ????????

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