The Skeleton in The Ketogenic Diet Closet: What Virta Health, Mark Sisson, Joseph Mercola and…
Joel Kahn

You have to question anything from Dr. Kahn who is the ultimate Vegan ideologue. There is no alternative for mankind other for us to all become Vegans in his worldview. His summa cum laude wisdom is obviously superior to all of us and our experiences. Respectfully, I don’t believe he is correct. He will always prefer plants regardless over anything else. And he cannot possibly be wrong. Or am I wrong in this conclusion Joel? And since the ketogenic diet and its successes challenge his belief system (because we do eat meat on ketogenic diets) and it does in fact put Type 2 Diabetes into remission and patients off Rx Drugs, well you know what he thinks of it and his skepticism to accept the science and success that Virta Health is having. Now lets be clear that there is nothing wrong in being a Vegan if that is your choice and it works for you. Try it if you want and see how you do. I have no doubt Dr. Kahn helps many people for whom being vegan works for them. In fact, his recommendation will actually work for some people on Type 2 Diabetes remission. But to dismiss the success of ketogenic low carb diets in putting Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease into remission is just another ploy in the Vegan dogma and propaganda agenda to have all mankind become Vegan.

PS. BTW Joel, Sidney and I will have that steak with butter…

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