Convenient Prepaid SIM Cards When Traveling Abroad

Prepaid SIM card During Traveling

Are you planning a trip to a foreign country and worried about losing contact with your near ones? Well, you need not worry about communicating with your friends and family back home. You can get a prepaid SIM connection when travelling foreign countries like the UK and USA. There are various types of prepaid card plans that can make your journey memorable and more exciting. You can avail a service based on your preference and convenience. Continue reading to know about the SIM card services provided in regions of UK and USA.

In US you will find user-friendly SIM cards which can be used in an unlocked mobile phone. You can use your mobile phone for the purpose, all you need to do is, swap your card with the USA prepaid card. There are several provided online and at the local outlets from which you can choose a plan as per your requirement. Some of the foreign mobile plans include:

Ultra mobile

Ultra mobile runs on T-Mobile’s US network and is considered to be a suitable choice for talkers. It helps you stay connected with your foreign friends and family back home. It holds a plan of unlimited texting globally, international call rates starting from 2 cents a minute. You get a Call Me Free feature which allows your friends in 44 countries to call on a local number of their area and get connected to your ultra mobile number just by punching in your international number.

Straight talk

It uses an AT&T network which renders special benefits to the iPhone users with its high speed internet facilities. AT&T SIM card provides 3G HSPA around the nation at 1900MHz. It gives you a facility of unlimited calls, calls and internet browsing just at $45 per month. You get a exclusive offer to communicate with your friends and family at low call rates without any international roaming.

GoSmart Mobile

This card works on T-Mobile network and offers unlimited calls, US texts and browsing facilities with a data plan of 5GB HSPA+ at a monthly pay of $45. T-Mobile runs and owns GoSmart providing a better customer service compared to other prepaid services in abroad. You need to have a mobile phone which is compatible for a 1700MHz T-Mobile network. The only drawback is, it does not offer international calling within the plan. The call charges are quite expensive with a $10 add-on on the prepaid plan.

Ready SIMs

This is a suitable option for people who are on short visits to a foreign land. It provides unlimited calls, texts and a data plan of 500MB for smartphone users within its prepaid plan of $25 for 7 days. You can also avail a 14 day plan at $35 if your stay is little longer. You can even use a USA SIM card in UK at reasonable rates and calling charges.

When you are travelling to a foreign territory like USA, you must have your guide for buying SIM card for USA handy. It helps you choose a plan wisely with a clear idea of the services provided.