Carmageddon is Coming
Angus Hervey

Nice pie in the sky prognostication… however, in the real world, rural and remote locations will require individually owned vehicles… Farmers, rural commuters, and others, who do not have access to local autonomous or public transport, will need their own means of transportation.

Local Roads and a well maintained network of interstate highways will be required, electric vehicles don’t fly from point A to point B. The technology and service techs required to reliably service and maintain self-driving vehicles will be a major problem… not to mention, the ecological problems created by the life cycle of the batteries needed to operate these vehicles. Some sources claim that the ecological impact will be greater than the current problems we are experiencing with carbon based fuel systems of transport.

I wouldn’t sell my oil stocks or divest of them in my 401K… Oil is used for much more than fuel in our economy. The petrol-chemical industry touches nearly every facet of modern society. Oil is used in everything from pharmaceuticals, to modern composite building materials. The Oil Industry is in an expanding and vibrant market with a bright future. Don’t count oil down and out so easily.

The author may want to rethink his brash remarks in the light of reality… change is coming, but not so quickly, nor in the manner he so boldly prognosticates.

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