Introducing Dr Jason Hung: ICO advisor to USAT Inc.

Dr Jason Hung; a member of USAT Inc.’s expert advisory team.

Consistently ranked as one of the best advisors on ICObench, Dr Jason Hung is highly regarded in the blockchain community. He is an inventor, serial entrepreneur, ICO expert, and all-round talented guy.

Dr Hung has successfully assisted over 35 ICO’s in a wide range of fields. He attributes the broad adaptability of his skillset to his more than 20 years’ experience in managing RD, IT, sales, and his tenure as a managing consultant at Oracle ERP, where he was involved in over 250 global tier-one enterprise business process and architecture projects. Outside of his consulting service work, Dr Hung holds nine technology related patents that are used by over 2000 apps.

Dr Hung’s passion for invention is part of what drew him to USAT Inc.’s platform: USAT Inc. is changing the patent landscape by safely storing intellectual property on the blockchain. USAT Inc. also has the capacity to develop and commercialise patents, in a process that protects the rights and interests of the patent holders. The first technology to be developed through the platform is a new form of renewable energy technology called solar-wind that produces energy cleanly and cheaper than anything else on the market (visit for more information).

When asked what he enjoys most about working on Blockchain projects, Dr Hung explained the allure of the cryptosphere for him: “I like to work with successful people and entrepreneurs. I like innovation: it’s fantastic and I find it very exciting.”

Dr Hung is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi, and TimeBox, and is a member of the advisory board of BitRewards, BlockLancer, ICONIC, AIDA, EZPOS, and Suchapp. He has extensive experience in blockchain technology, digital marketing, mobile business, AI, and ERP related business. His Ph.D. is in Engineering (NCTU) and he also holds a Master of System Analysis and Bachelor of Environmental Engineering.

The USAT Inc. team is honoured to have Dr Hung on the project. His knowledge, commitment, and willingness to help out make him a pleasure to work with.

USAT Inc. is an Australian organisation that utilises blockchain technology to decentralise the intellectual property process and provide patent holders with greater security. Through our platform we fund, develop, and commercialise intellectual property for the benefit of innovators, token holders, and the planet. We ensure innovators are supported and we provide token holders with strong growth opportunities.

For more information about our ICO or our ultra-affordable and clean renewable energy project, Solar-wind technology, visit