Introducing USAT Inc.’s Chief Scientist: Dr Benedict de St. Amatus.

Dr de St Amatus photographed with representatives of Kaurna people after completing his work on the Olympic torch for the 2000 Sydney games.

USAT Inc. is extremely fortunate to have the esteemed Dr Benedict de St Amatus formally accept the role of Chief Scientist. Dr de St Amatus has decades of experience as a researcher and lecturer, working at Monash University in Australia for nine years. He is one of the founding members of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (AIHEM), which is an international association of great scientific minds and USAT Inc.’s partner organisation.

Dr de St Amatus has brought many esteemed scientists to help with USAT Inc.’s projects through this connection. All ideas submitted to the USAT Inc. platform are sorted by him: he reads over the applications and then assigns them to an appropriate committee of scientists from AIHEM for review. Dr de St Amatus also advises the team on scientific matters, providing guidance and connecting the team with the right people for each project (such as on our flagship renewable energy project: solar-wind technology).

The USAT Inc. platform is designed to give patent holders and innovators more agency over their intellectual property (IP) and to provide truly worthwhile ideas with a path to market. The platform securely stores IP on the blockchain. Then, if the IP has scientific and commercial viability and is of benefit to humanity, the patent holder may apply to have their idea carried from the idea stage to the market by USAT Inc.’s expert teams. The first technology to be developed through the platform is a new form of renewable energy technology called solar-wind that produces energy cleanly and cheaper than anything else on the market (visit for more information).

Born in Bulgaria, Dr de St Amatus completed his early education there, even gaining acceptance into the highly regarded National Mathematical Gymnasium. His Master of Science in Chemical Technology was attained at the St Petersburg State Technological University and his PhD in Chemical Engineering was from the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Since then, Dr de St Amatus has had a varied and interesting scientific career. He spent a year working for the Department of Defence in Australia and nine years working as a researcher and lecturer at Monash University with the Laboratory for Turbulence Research in Aerospace and Combustion. He lectured there on a wide range of subjects, including numerical analysis, physics, mining technology, and electrochemistry, and worked with a team on hybrid rocket research.

One of his favourite projects has been his role in designing the fuel delivery system for the Olympic torch for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Dr de St Amatus also received a CSIRO post-doctoral research fellowship to study a fuel source known as Bio Oil, which was awarded to hm by the Australian Research Council (ARC). This research involved investigating the feasibility of Bio Oil from a commercial perspective. This kind of analysis is another skill that Dr de St Amatus brings to the USAT Inc. team.

Providing opportunities to young innovators is a key part of USAT Inc.’s mission and education is very important to Dr de St Amatus as well. As part of his work with the team, he helps the team to provide educational and internship opportunities to final-year university students, giving them access to international-quality on-the-job experience.

Everyone on the team appreciates Dr de St Amatus’ passion for science and endless stream of interesting ideas to improve our projects. His knowledge and dedication to helping others make him a great asset to USAT Inc. and the future of innovation.

USAT Inc. is an Australian organisation that utilises blockchain technology to decentralise the intellectual property process and provide patent holders with greater security. Through our platform we fund, develop, and commercialise intellectual property for the benefit of innovators, token holders, and the planet. We ensure innovators are supported and we provide token holders with strong growth opportunities.
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