Directly Mount 185 mm2 POWER CAGE CLAMP Blocks Through Screw Flange

Three new screw flange variations grow the adaptability of WAGO’s high-present terminal block (up to 185 mm2 [350 kcmil]) by giving simple and dependable establishment onto a mounting plate. The new variations give clients of the world’s first high-voltage terminal blocks that are outfitted with POWER CAGE CLAMP spring pressure connection technology additional options extra alternatives.

WAGO’s New High-Current Terminal Blocks can be mounted through two M8 barrel head screws. Settling components (0285–1179) are additionally accessible for use during mounting to adjust the high-current terminal blocks.

The 185 mm2 (350 kcmil) high-current POWER CAGE CLAMP terminal blocks is designed for an nominal current of 353 A and an evaluated voltage of 1,000 VAC/DC and 1,500 VDC. These determinations make it perfect for vitality serious enterprises, including hardware and gear fabricating, and additionally vitality creation.

The new terminal pieces with screw flanges come grey (0285–1161), blue (0285–1164) and dim yellow (0285–1167) as an utilitarian ground form.

Your Advantages with the Screw Flange Variants of WAGO’s 185 mm2 High-Current POWER CAGE CLAMP Terminal Block:

  • Straightforwardly join to mounting plates by means of two M8 chamber head screws
  • 353 A; 1,000 VAC/DC; 1500 VDC
  • Vibration-verification, support free spring pressure connection technology
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