Chelsea Manning Free 28 Years Early

Convicted on twenty charges and sentenced to 35 years imprison, Bradley “Chelsea” Manning has been set free. The former Intelligence Analyst of the U.S. Army who was sentenced to serve 35 years in a military prison was exempt from serving time after former President Obama granted her clemency. “Chelsea” was praised on twitter both yesterday and today, people claiming that she was innocent and was just a political prisoner. Here is where the hypocrisy comes in to play. “Chelsea” leaked classified information to wikileaks. Now President Trump talked about classified information about terror cells and ISIS targeting international airplanes and the left went ballistic. Some talk show hosts even calling it unconstitutional. However, when a left advocate, “Chelsea”, leaks information about our military, it is unfair for her to be held accountable for her actions, even though “she” was convicted by a federal judge. Six of her twenty charges were that of espionage, the act of using classified information to benefit another country. Nonetheless, this is yet another perfect example of how many double standards the Democrats have in our nation. “Chelsea” will be going back into the military as a Private and is being compensated for her time in prison with 100% free healthcare from the government. So when you pick up your next pay check from work and look at the taxes that have been taken out, just remember that some of that money is going towards the free healthcare of a traitor to our wonderful country.