Did America Ever Really Work?
umair haque

Holy cow I’ve never seen so much garbage written in my life. How did the end of segregation cause stagnation? You’ve provided no evidence for this claim other than it’s what you say. Where are the numbers. How can you compare us to Sweden and Canada and say that they’re better because they have public healthcare. Canada’s healthcare is a failure. The wait times are horrible and patients with life threatening conditions have to come get treatment in America. On average Canadians wait 18.2 WEEKS FOR TREATMENT! It seems to me that you think socialism is the answer to all of America’s problems. “America went straight from segregation to stagnation because it never had public healthcare, transport, higher education, and so on. ARE YOU SHITTING ME? Let’s just give people free stuff and raise taxes that would’ve solved everything. Obamacare couldn’t even work. It’s better for everyone to have the opportunity to become wealthy than it is to implement the bullshit socialist policies you like. There’s a reason why America has the largest economy in the world and that’s because we haven’t done the bs you want.

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