Cadillac Or Lincoln- Which One Is The Best Choice?

Well, the Lincoln Motor Corporation has been garnering so much attention in the stretch limo industry for decades. The stretch limos made by the Lincoln Motor Corporation are extremely stylish, reliable and feature packed vehicles. In fact, the latest trends of Cadillac Stretch limos have recently made a great deal of reputation. As the two vehicles are doing good business in the stretch limo industry, but it’s difficult to decide which option will be good for your transportation. We are going to help you take decision regarding opting the best vehicle between the two!

Seating and Luggage Accommodation Facilities

Both the vehicle can accommodate up to 10 passengers and have capacity of keeping approximately 3 times of luggages than an ordinary car. Cadillac and Lincoln provide sufficient space for the comfortable accommodation of passengers and luggages. If you will consider the seats and luggage capacity of both vehicles, then it will be a virtual tie!

Luxurious Interior Amenities

However, the exterior of stretch limos will provide an extreme sense of style and presence factor, whereas interior will offer you with excellent luxurious experiences. Lincoln stretch limos will provide extremely comfy seating and a steady table set-up to keep the drinks for the entire on-board party.

If you will focus on the interior features of limousines, then no doubt a Cadillac Stretch limo will offer you a feeling like a nightclub, ballroom or a luxury hotel. One interesting fact is that if you will spend time in these vehicles, definitely you will forget that you are in the car! That’s because of the sparkling light arrays, a full-size built-in bar, sleek leather seating and a stunning view of the city through the windows. These are just a few interior features of a Cadillac Stretch limo.


A Lincoln stretch limo in New York City has all the modern technology based features; which you will expect from a luxury limo like fiber optic lighting, a mirrored ceiling, a refrigerated wet bar and much more.

A Cadillac Stretch limo has ultra luxurious modern amenities that you can never expect from a vehicle. For instance, these limos have power outlets so that you can charge your devices along the road.

Style and Reputation

If you will think of style and reputation, then Lincoln Stretch limos are considered as classic limousines. The classic style has reflected in the vehicle design.

In fact, the Cadillac Stretch limos have earned so much reputation in being a stylish stretch limousine in New York City. It has the sleek trim, LED lights, crisp edge and much more; which will definitely turn heads on. If you want to make a fashion statement, then Cadillac is the perfect vehicle that you should go with!

Which One Is Best For You, Lincoln Or Cadillac!

I hope, you get better knowledge regarding Cadillac and Lincoln Stretch limos. So it’s totally up to you to decide which vehicle will be best for your ride. No ma tter whatever your choice, US Bargain Limo will provide you a stunning variety of Cadillac and Lincoln Stretches to choose from. To get luxurious experiences, you should opt the New York City limo service of US Bargain Limo and schedule your Cadillac or Lincoln Stretch for your upcoming transportation.

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