How To Choose Your Wedding Venue in NJ? 4 Most Important Questions To Consider

More than any other wedding service or supplier (aside from a wedding planner that is) it is the wedding venue that plays one of the most pivotal roles in every single wedding that takes place. The choice of wedding venue is therefore one of the biggest decisions you have to make when planning a wedding. After all, it’s where your marriage and subsequent celebrations will take place.
 As a leading supplier of wedding party bus in NJ & NYC, we feel it is our responsibility to guide you through some tips on how to choose your wedding venue in NJ. let’s find out:

Determine your wedding style:
 An informal affair with outdoor elements, or a formal soirée at a grand hotel? A lakeside retreat or a downtown chic? A contemporary urban ambiance or rustic country feel? Determining your wedding style is the 1st step towards deciding which venue fits your requirement the best. As soon as you nail down the style & feel you’re seeking, you can get in touch with venues that best fits your needs. 
 Select a season:
 A summer wedding in July or a winter wedding in December — you’ve to decide on the time of year you would like to have your marriage so that when you get in touch with venues they can let you know what dates are available in that exact month. The majority of the weddings take place during the summer months, but autumn isn’t a bad choice either. The month you select to tie the knot will aid determine the best fit for a venue. 
 Determine the number of guests will attend your wedding:
 You must have an idea on the number of guests you’ll be inviting to your wedding so that you can ensure the venue you visit can accommodate the number of guests you’ll be inviting. Always book a venue that can accommodate each of your guests comfortably. 
 Ask the right questions:
 Some venues provide full service — catering, tables, chairs, linens, glassware, dishware, lighting, bartenders, alcohol, tents, décor, music, and audio/visual. You’ll have to determine your requirements before meeting with a venue to make sure they can offer everything that you require. Do they also offer a list of preferred vendors and are you required to book those vendors or can you bring in your own? What are all of the costs involved — rental fees, taxes, gratuities, service fees, cake cutting fees, set up fees? Get everything in writing before signing a contract and putting down a deposit.

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