Career Opportunities After Having An MCA Degree In Bhubaneswar

Today, it’s believed that there’s no vacancy for people with normal qualification. There’s a sharp requirement of some technical qualification that can make individuals more viable for any sort of accountabilities. One of the most renowned career today is Master of Computer Application (MCA)

MCA colleges in Bhubaneswar are poping up every day. After earning a degree from the best MCA colleges in Bhubaneswar, there’s abundance of job opportunities accessible in the present market. However, with such wide scope in MCA, students get perplexed which track to pursue — whether go for web development or software engineering or in hardware & networking.

What’s MCA?

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) is a 3-year professionalMaster Degree program in Computer Science. The goal behind MCA is to prepare learners with the newest technologies, applications and tools in Information Technology and fulfill the ever increasing need of IT pros. MCA students have to study accounting, financial management, programming languages such as ASP, Java, C, .Net, database management, web development, and so on.

Career opportunities following an MCA degree:

After accomplishing an MCA degree in Bhubaneswar, one can choose from several roles, incuding:

Software developer or programmer:

Software developer or programmer are accountable for designing, installing, examining and preserving the software unit. They offer IT services by evaluating the client requirements and making the system to fulfill those needs. It’s a very innovative field that goes further than the typical responsibility of coding.


Undeniably, troubleshooters are the major support of any company. They ensure that the software and hardware are easily available to all those who need them. If any problem arrises, troubleshooters take the responsibility of fixing it so that the assignments are delivered timely.

Software applications architect:

The accountability of a Software Architect is to important decisions in design and architecture of IT products. He develops technical principles & protocols like software coding standards and platforms. They utilize numerous software architectural models to accomplish their responsibility.

Software consultant:

Consultancy is an extremely admired career choice these days. A software consultant is accountable for assessing a business, its procedure and offers software solutions as well as other adviceto impel the business competence.

Hardware engineer:

Hardware engineers like working with computer hardware like hard disk, circuit boards, cables, printers, computer chips, routers, keyboards, and so on. They love the challenges that come while installing and testing a system, making certain that everything works smoothly. They’re also occupied in the manufacture and testing of hardware devices.

System developer or engineer:

System engineer are concerned in making codes and designing programs for OS and other application. They toil towards boosting competence and recommend further growth & development. They can choose specialization in software or hardware according to their preferences.

Web designer & developer:

A web designer or developer is accountable for designing & developing sites. He must have an extremely inventive mixture of mind, front style and color sense. They must be well-aquanited in software to develop & maintain website such as Dreamweaver, HTML, Photoshop, CSS, Flash, Illustrator and so on.


The career opportunity in MCA is really extensive. All you need to do is enroll in a professional MCA college in Bhubanesware that had a reputation of offering proper education to students. You can also take help of the internet to find the list of MCA colleges in Bhubaneswar and choose one that is best in the business.