Introducing USC VIP’s Spring 2016 Teams

Viterbi’s Venture Incubation Program is excited to officially announce its top teams for Spring of 2016! These companies were hand selected by our leadership team as the most ambitious and driven teams in our application pool. As part of the USC VIP, they will have unprecedented access to all types of technology and the opportunity to take part in multiple workshops with esteemed professors and professionals in the LA startup ecosystem. All of this is taking place at the USC Hacker House, which also doubles as a co-working space for the teams. Without further ado, meet our Spring 2016 Teams!


HostelPass provides a fixed price pass for guaranteed safe, quality, and comfortable accommodation while traveling.


Trakfire believes that musicians should be discovered for their artistry, not just because of big marketing budgets or exclusive industry connections. They serve as a platform for emerging artists and creators. Checkout the website for the full experience.


Packup™ enables users to easily see what their friends are up to, simplifying the process of making plans.

02 Max Fitness

O2MAX is an online based fitness program that takes into account the user’s lifestyle, personality, and ambition to design a more effective fitness and nutrition plan using a “meyers-briggs” style algorithm.

Hyndsight VR (formerly Kaspect Matterport)

Hyndsight VR is a service provider for real estate 3D modeling and visualization, specifically geared towards the student housing market at USC initially.

Team Roots

Going through rough times? Chat anonymously with trained counselors from your community, wherever you are.

Kaspect Health

Kaspect Health is a SaaS for hospitals which have a ‘gait laboratory’, and we aim to increase the rigor in biomechanic analyses.


Avaant is a social network for entrepreneurs and aims to connect engineers, artists, mentors, investors, and creatives together.


Design, build, and play with your own personalized robot companion. Botkins grow and learn alongside you through physical interaction and open-ended play.


Carbor is aiming to solve the parking problems in metropolitan areas by allowing local home owners to lease their own private parking space to others.


Don’t waste your time with failed marketing and broken dreams. Auburn is a college-based marketing platform that enables companies to intelligently distribute their products and analyze market response, efficiently broadening their customer base.


Yobs is the Intelligent MarketPlace for temp jobs built to creatively match, connect, and solve key pain points for businesses and job-seekers.

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