10 Things You Should Never Do During Sex

I can’t believe that just happened…

What Did You Just Do?

Okay, we have all experienced a “dumbass” moment in bed. If your shaking your head no right now, stop lying. Sex should be fun, free, raw, and well…sexy, but sometimes we just can’t help but ruin what could have been a perfectly awesome sexual experience by injecting a big ole dose of stupid. Even if you think you are a sex god/goddess, you likely can benefit from our list of “10 Things You Should Never Do During Sex”. Take a look.

Things you never, ever, do during sex:

  1. Cry — It doesn’t matter if it is the most moving sexual experience you have ever had, nothing will kill the moment like crying. Your partner is automatically going to assume they have done something wrong. If you are a guy and you are crying during sex, what the hell’s wrong with you? Man up, and grow a pair!
  2. Mention Your Ex — Even if it is to say how much better your current partner is than what you used to have, it’s never a good idea to bring up someone else while you are naked. You can guarantee that your partner will spend the rest of the time thinking about your ex.
  3. Tell Your Partner They Are Doing Something Wrong — Okay, if it’s hurting you should tell them to stop. Otherwise, instead of being negative about something they are doing, phrase it in a positive way. For example, if they are doing something you don’t like say something like “turn me over. I really like it when you do me from behind”. This will let your partner know in a subtle way that you weren’t really enjoying it without offending them.
  4. Take a Phone Call — Unless you are expecting a call from the president, it can wait!
  5. Talk About Anything Not Sex Related — Never bring up anything that isn’t direct relation to the sex you’re having. So, no to “I forgot to load the dishwasher”, and no to “I really need to call my sister back, I completely forgot”. Any random thoughts that come to you while in the act, can be discussed afterwards.
  6. Try To Hide Yourself — Yes, you’re self conscious. 99% of people are, but sex is not the time to feel awkward about a certain position because of the way you feel you might look in it. Nothing will kill the mood more than you showing a lack of confidence.
  7. Say The Wrong Name — Have you ever had this happen? It’s guaranteed to end sex right on the spot, and may possibly cause irreversible damage to your relationship. You can bet that every time you have sex with your partner after that, they will think you are fantasizing about another person.
  8. Fart — Ooh…gross!
  9. Act Tired — Talk about a buzz kill. Showing you’re sleepy shows your partner you’re not focused and uninterested — both of which can ruin the moment.
  10. Fake An Orgasm — Okay, we are almost all guilty of this one, but never do it again. Your partner will almost always be able to tell, and it can lead to serious feelings of inadequacy…so you are not doing them, or yourself, any favors. If you just can’t get there, it’s much better to talk with your partner as to why. Maybe you just have so much on your mind, and you just can’t seem to get your head in the game. Maybe the sensitivity just isn’t there this time. Whatever the reason, your partner is much less likely to be offended if you just talk with them.

I bet you’re guilty of doing at least one of these things. We have all had our blunders during sexual conquests. What are some other things you should never do in bed? Tell us!

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Originally published at www.forladiesonlyparty.com on June 1, 2015.