3 Inexpensive Sex Toys That Deliver UNBELIEVABLE Orgasms

These Sex Toys Are EVERYTHING!

Alright, you might say I have an affinity for sex toys, and you would be right! But really, what’s not to like? The right sex toy has the capability of delivering over-the-top orgasms in a matter of minutes, and in my high paced and stress-filled life, sometimes I want to be able to, as many men would say, “bust a nut” and get on with my day. The problem is that not all sex toys are created equal, not by any stretch of the imagination! And I should know, ’cause I have a nightstand drawer full of them…most of which haven’t seen the light of day since the first day they were bought. But after years of “research”, I have found three of them that are my “go-to” toys (at least for now, because I am always exploring). These are toys that never fail to deliver on there promise. I have some of the most powerful orgasms I have ever felt because of these toys, and honestly, I wouldn’t want to live without them now. I like each of them for different reasons, and today I am going to share these toys and what makes them so special with you. So, let’s get to it!

The Lia Twin Teaser— $39.95 at bestsextoydeals.com

I am no stranger to “rabbit” style vibes, and I have had many over the years, some better than others, but this one is without doubt the best I have ever used. It’s a silicone vibe and body-safe which is SO important to me. It also has two motors, one in the shaft and one in the “tickler” which both have multiple variations of speed and intensity. The ribbed texture of this thing is amazing, and the gentle curve of the shaft hits all the right spots. Plus, the tickler is at the right angle to make perfect contact with my clit. That’s always been a problem for me when trying to find a rabbit vibe, the tickler is always way off location, and it’s so frustrating! I have had this toy for over a year now, and it still runs as strong as the day I got it. I have taken extra precautions, though. I love this toy so much that I bought a second one just in case anything ever happens to the original. That’s seriously how good this is! If you want to find out more about it, you can find it here.

Z Wand “Love Magic” Massager — $46.00 at bestsextoydeals.com

In my opinion, every woman needs a wand massager, because guess what? These things are actually really good for massaging your body on top of other things. I love love love this wand. I have had several of these too, as a matter of fact I still do have several, but this is the only one I ever use anymore. It is SO powerful! It has twenty different levels of intensity, and even better, it’s rechargeable. That has been my biggest complaint about my Hitachi wand massager, it has to be plugged in. Now, you can pay out the ass for a rechargeable Hitachi (they have finally caught up with the times and started making them) or you can do what I did, and get this guy for less than 50 bucks. I don’t know if clitoral stimulation gets any better than you can get with this “toy”. I hate calling it a toy because it’s so much more than that; maybe “tool” would be a better word. This thing will buzz you till you’re out of breath and send you out of this world! You can see all the color options and find out more about it here.

Sweet Obsession by Cal Exotics — $23.95 at bestsextoydeals.com

This little guy is my travel companion! I have to travel pretty regularly for work, and this toy is always, and I mean ALWAYS, in my suitcase. It’s rechargeable, extremely powerful, and just the right size and shape. Something about the curve of the tip is just right. It’s so easy to hit your g-spot with this vibe that even beginners could do it. It has 10 different levels of vibration and is also made from body-safe silicone. I am telling you, if you want an all-around bad ass vibrator for next to nothing that still has the quality of a toy that costs three times as much, this is it. You will have hard time putting it down. I’m serious. If you want to investigate this little pleasure filled vibrator further, check it out here.

After writing all of that, I am feeling slightly embarrassed! Now everyone knows what toys I turn to in my time of need. But, you know what? That’s okay. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, and I didn’t want to keep all the fun to myself. You can’t go wrong with any of these three sex toys. I promise. If you have a fave that no girl should go without, let me know in the comments below. Happy buzzing girls!

By: Olivia Cruz @ desiredmag.com

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