9 Badass Relationship Activities!

Building A Relationship That Lasts

Besides your children, is there anything more important in life than your relationship with your partner? With it being one of the most important things you will ever experience in life, I wanted to take a minute to discuss how to make it stronger, how to never stop cherishing the special moments in it, how to make the most out of it. There are things you can do together that will keep the fire burning, things that will keep you looking at your partner with admiration, and things that will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Never forget how special the person is who has decided to spend the rest of their life with you. Here’s 9 ways to build a badass relationship.

  1. Get Physical — Work out together. This is not only going to help you stay healthy and live a longer life together, you will also admire the strength and willpower of your partner as you see them push themselves towards their personal goals. Plus, it has the benefit of whipping that body of yours into shape, or keeping it in shape if you are already rocking a killer body. Use this time to be a source of inspiration for your partner. You will find that the two of you start to cherish your time on the elliptical machines together.
  2. Document Your Memories — Create a scrapbook for your relationship. Every time you go on a trip together, happen to have a great pic snapped of the two of you, or receive a little love letter or note, add it to the collection. Occasionally pull it out and take a trip down memory lane. Reminiscing is a wonderful way to spark the ambition to create more memories. This should be just about the two of you. Pics of kids, other family members, and friends can go in their own scrapbook.
  3. Cook Together — Cooking can sometimes seem like a chore, but when you take the time to do it with your partner it can be a lot of fun. Pick out a fancy recipe and take the time to cook it together at a leisurely pace. Enjoy each other as you work together in the kitchen. Who cares if it turns out great or if you end up at a drive-thru because it was an epic fail. It’s all about spending quality time together.
  4. Be Spontaneous — Sure, planned romantic getaways can be amazing, but doing something last minute without plans at all can be even better! If you know your partner has nothing else planned for the weekend, then consider coming home after work on a Friday afternoon, throwing some clothes in a suitcase, and telling them to hop in the car. Do something cheap like going camping, staying in a hotel in your own town, or hitting a free or cheap festival for the weekend. It is much less about what it is you decide to do, then it is about the experience you will have.
  5. Create A Couple’s Bucket List — We all have things we want to accomplish or experience before we leave this earth. Put some thought into what it is that the those things are for the two of you, and start really making an effort to check them off the list.
  6. Volunteer Together — Go to your local humane society and volunteer to walk the doggies together, or go to the homeless shelter and offer your services for whatever’s needed. Nothing is more rewarding than doing a selfless act, and this only compounds when you’re doing it with someone you love. You will feel more connected with your partner by joining forces to make a real impact in someone’s life…guaranteed.
  7. Read Together — Find a book that the both of you are interested in, and devote some time nightly before bed to read it. Take turns reading to each other and discussing the content. This could lead to deep conversations, laughs, spiritual moments, shared compassion, who knows? At the very least, listening to your partner read will be a nice soothing way to wind down before catching some zzz’s.
  8. Learn Together — Whether it’s taking a class st the local community college together, learning to salsa dance, or getting your hands dirty learning to create pottery, it doesn’t matter. Studies prove that learning something new together greatly deepens the bond in a relationship. So, find something that peaks both of your interest, and commit to learning about it together. You will have something new to discuss and everlasting memories at the accomplishment.
  9. Shower Together — Now, I am not saying have your partner’s participation every time you hop in the tub, but make it a point to occasionally hop in the shower with them when they are not expecting it. Help each other wash the hard-to-reach places, and enjoy holding each other as the hot water cascades over your bodies. This is especially effective for couples who rarely spend time together nude outside of the bed.

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Originally published at www.forladiesonlyparty.com on August 17, 2015.

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