Audience Members Get Engaged At Adele Concert

Adele Gives Lucky Couple A Memory They Will Forever Cherish

Yesterday, on March 15th, 2016, Adele pulled two audience members who got engaged during her performance up to the stage at her concert after delivering an amazing presentation of Make You Feel My Love.

It turns out that Make You Feel My Love is what the couple thinks of as “their” song, and could there be a more perfect backdrop to your engagement than Adele singing “your’ song while your soon to be husband is on bended knee popping the question? Ummm…the answer to that riddle is no.

When Adele has them on stage, the interaction is so sweet, funny, and Adele calls the engagement “The most beautiful thing I have witnessed at one of my shows”. With how personable she is, and with allowing this couple to have a moment in their lives that will now forever shine a little brighter in their memories, Adele has once again proved why she is the Queen.

Here’s the full video of this incredible moment.

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