Dreaming (An Erotic Short Story by Angel Anderson)

Lying in your sleeping arms, I am intoxicated by your sweet aroma and entranced by the rhythmic beat of your heart. I raise up on one elbow to watch you lay there, lost in a peaceful slumber. I begin to lightly tract the gorgeous lines of your face. Across your brow, down your nose, over your cheek, stopping at your lips. A silent sigh escapes, how I hate how much I have missed your lips. I lower my head until my lips softly meet yours. Lost in the serenity of your face, I start to run my hand from your cheek down across your chest and down your arm. It still amazes me how something with such strength can hold me with such tenderness. As I run my hand back up you are, across your chest and down your stomach, I can feel my desire for you begin to gather between my legs. My hand travels down on thigh and up the other. Pausing briefly to notice your desire building between your legs as well. I look back up to your face to find you sill lost in your dreams. Knowing you are completely unaware of my actions, but yet your desire builds and makes my body begin to ache for you. I begin to touch myself, first lightly teasing one nipple and then the other.

My other had begins to stroke your desire. When you are full hard and I am dripping with need, I position myself over you. Watching your face, waiting for you to wake at any moment. I start to slide down. Once you fill me completely, I start to rock my hips. Slowly at first. Still watching your face, I run my hands up your arms and across your chest, down your stomach, then up my own stomach coming to a rest on my own chest. Teasing, twisting and pinching my erect nipples, my hips begin to move faster and faster. The intensity of each thrust building until a moan escapes my lips. I look to your face again, this time to find the edges of your lips beginning to curl. Your hands move slowly from my knees, up my thighs and come to rest on my hips. You begin to rock my hips even faster sending over the edge of my climax. As my body tightens and releases with each wave of ecstasy, you spill over the edge of your own climax. The explosion of you, deep inside of me, causes me to moan out uncontrollable. Again, I look to your face, this time to find you smiling back at me. I lower my head again, just before our lips meet you whisper, “I thought I was dreaming..” After a few minutes, of being lost in your lips, I move back to my place beside you. As you wrap me back into your arms, I lay my head onto your chest. The soothing sound of your heart beat sends me into a peaceful slumber.

I awake the next morning to the sound of the phone ringing. When I answer, I am surprised to hear your voice on the other end. Confused, I look around to find myself alone in bed, hugging my pillow. It was I who had been dreaming….

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Originally published at www.forladiesonlyparty.com on August 12, 2015.

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