Squirting — A Step By Step Guide (You’re Gonna Thank Me)

Squirting Orgasms Are Better Than You Ever Expected

First, let’s discuss what “squirting” is exactly (other than amazing). Squirting is the powerful release of female ejaculate fluid, usually induced by g-spot stimulation. There are still so many people out there that believe that squirting is a myth. Let me tell you, as a girl who can indeed “squirt”, it is completely real! Have you ever been close to orgasm and felt an urge like you need to pee? That’s the beginning stage of squirting. So many women are afraid that it’s just that — pee, but again, as someone who can do this, I can assure you that it’s not. The ejaculate that’s produced has no color, no odor, and going by my partner’s word, no taste. Still not a believer? Go to the bathroom and completely empty your bladder before trying…you’ll see.

So, what does it feel like? In a word “heaven”, but if you want more description — if you’ve ever had a g-spot orgasm, then you have felt what the beginning of squirting feels like. Imagine a building pressure at the front wall of your vagina and around your clit area. The pressure starts building more and more, and then the tingling starts, and I mean tingling everywhere (I feel it all the way up to my nose). You’re body gets a feeling like you may have never known, it’s a completely uncontrollable and almost overwhelming full-body orgasm. For me, it can last up to like 30 seconds to a minute, and then comes a release like you would never believe — a total, body draining, vibrating, and body shaking release — and for your partner, it’s a show like no other. The best part? You can do it all over again in like 30 seconds! I have squirted back to back probably like 12 times in a row before!

So How Do You Achieve This Earth-Shattering, Mind-Blowing, Squirting Orgasm?

Okay, I am going to give you the steps on what makes me squirt, and I truly believe that all women have the ability. I am going to lay out these steps from your partner’s perspective because they will be the one making it all happen, so if you’re really interest in seeing if you have the ability, share this article with your partner!

Step 1 — Get Her Relaxed

Set the mood with candlelight and some sexy music. Have your partner lay on the bed completely naked with her tummy down, and begin massaging her sensually with warm lotion or oil. The point is to get your her body into a state of complete relaxation. Take your time, and let your hands caress every inch of her body, using both light and firm pressure. Let your hands get a little playful, letting your fingers graze between her legs and and softly running your fingertips across her gorgeous bottom.

Step 2 — Turn It Up A Notch

After you have given an ample amount of time for her to relax and enjoy your hands all over the backside of her body, have her roll over so that her tummy, and other goods, are top side up. Continue to massage her front side, but don’t rush right to her breasts and vagina. Start at her feet, rubbing them firmly but gently, and work your way up her calves and thighs. The key to all of this is to TAKE YOUR TIME. When you reach her thighs, again let your fingers wander a little, lightly grazing over her labia and clit, but don’t put your main focus there just yet. Continue on, lightly massaging her tummy, and work your way up to her breasts, caressing them, kissing them, lightly sucking her nipples and grazing them with your teeth.

Step 3 — It’s Getting Really Hot In Here

By this point, her body is most likely receptive to just about anything. Her senses are heightened, and she is ready for you to pounce on her! Start kissing her, and I mean really kissing her, like you did when you first got together. Run your hands through her hair, tugging on it lightly. Let your hand work it’s way down south and start gently rubbing her clit. Continue on like this for a minute, applying more and more pressure as her excitement builds. Spread her legs wide, and start entering her with one finger at first, focusing on the front wall of her vagina (inside the front wall about 2 inches, you will find the soft and spongy g-spot).

Step 4 — It’s Time

Now, take your two middle fingers and insert them into her, hooking them back towards your palm. Start by slowly making kind of a “come here” motion with your fingertips inside of her, assuring that they are against the front wall of her vagina. Believe me, she is going to be near orgasm already! Don’t let your other hand go to waste. Use it to explore the rest of her body while continuing to finger her in the way described. Okay, are you ready? As her excitement by now has probably built to somewhere near “uncontrollable”, use your free hand, palm down, to apply gentle but firm pressure above her pubic mound/lower tummy. The motion you were using with your two inserted fingers in now going to change a little. You want to make sure your fingertips are in constant contact with her g-spot (or at least really close). You are going to use your palm to apply pressure to her clit, and you are going to start using an “up and down” motion, not an “in and out” one. Start somewhat slow, letting her feel every little movement of your palm and fingers. Then gradually build up the pressure and speed. This is not a time to be gentle! Work your way up to the point that your arm is damn near working like a jack-hammer between her legs. Keep going, keep going, keep going, and SQUIRT! Enjoy the the fruits of your labor and watch your woman squirting as she enjoys the most intense orgasm she has ever felt in her life!

There you go! I have given you my secrets to squirting success! Even if you try all of this and you’re still unable to squirt, doesn’t it sound like a mind-blowing experience while trying? But, I am almost 100% certain that if you follow these 4 steps, you will get there. You just have to let your body do it. Don’t hold back because you feel like it’s going to be embarrassing, because it won’t be! Your partner is going to find it extremely sexy, and it is going to boost their ego like no other! Happy squirting girls!

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Originally published at www.desiredmag.com on April 13, 2016.

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