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Your sexual desires might say more about you than you think!

Before we discuss anything else, let’s get one thing clear: Having a fetish doesn’t make you strange. It’s not anything to be ashamed of or to hide from your potential partners.

In fact, as long as what turns you on is safe for you, safe for your partner and legal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore boundaries and desires in your bedroom. Having sex can get monotonous for anyone, no matter how sexy they find their partner, so adding in a little kink is never a bad idea to keep it fresh and stimulating.

But depending on what gets you riled up, your fetish may say something more about you than just what it takes for you to get an erection if you’re a man or to moisten your lips if you’re a woman. In fact, it may give some insight into other parts of your life — your career, your fitness habits and more. Straight from the sexperts themselves, here’s what your secret fetish says about you:

If You’re Into S&M Or Bondage

When it comes to tying folks up, exploring gagging and whipping, it all depends on which you’d rather be the one in control or the one surrendering to their partner. Being a dominant usually means that you might feel like you’re lacking control in some other part of your life: Maybe you don’t feel like you’re directing your own career path or your friends are usually taking the reins in conversations.

Alternatively, if you’re a submissive, you might need a break from always being the leader. More often than not, being a submissive is difficult for people because it requires complete trust and relaxation with your partner — something that you may need to work on outside of the bedroom, too.

If You Like Feet

Believe it or not, having a foot fetish is pretty common. Your feet are powerful sensors — in fact, almost every nerve in your entire body can be reached by applying different pressures to parts of your foot. If you like massaging feet, you likely enjoy bringing other people pleasure or making them happy, as you watch her body respond to wherever you touch.

If you’d rather get the foot massage, you may have underlying aches, pains and areas of your body that need attention. The sudden surge of sensation to different parts may actually be a signal that your annual physical is past-do. Once you get that checked out, you can fully enjoy tantalizing your every inch via your toes.

If You’re Really Into Butts Or Boobs

Different body parts can hold different meanings — and sexual value — to different people. You may be obsessed with your girlfriend’s round bottom while your friend may care more about his girl’s large rack.

Being particularly attracted to one part just means that you associate sexual desire with an area of a woman’s body, and says that you likely are decisive about many things in your life: what you want to eat, what you want to do, what your career goals are, etc. Knowing what you like is a great quality and something that’ll serve you — and her — well in the bedroom.

If You Like To Spank Or Be Spanked

Do you like spanking a big butt and you’re not ashamed of it? You’re definitely not alone — spanking is a very common turn on for both men and women, and for good reason. The part of your bottom that meets the back of the thigh is actually considered a pleasure zone, and when you have a sudden sensation — say a slap? — you stimulate your arousal.

Likely, if you’re into spanking, you are rather spontaneous, enjoy planning surprises or being surprised yourself, and you’re likely looking for new things to add to your bedroom repertoire all the time.

If You Like Getting It On In Public

Who doesn’t like the element of surprise? If having sex in places where you may or may not get caught really turns you on, you are likely one of two people: someone who really likes routine or hates it. If you’re used to doing the same thing day-in and day-out, your desire to have a romp in a park or in the car means that you’re craving some variety or maybe considering a big change in your life.

On the other hand, if you can’t stand doing the same thing, having sex publicly is probably something that feeds your adventurous spirit.

We want to know. What are your sexual desires?

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Originally published at www.forladiesonlyparty.com on February 24, 2016.

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