Your Parents Had More Sex Than You. Say What?!?

New Study Shows Baby Boomers Have Had More Sexual Partners Than Today’s Young Adults.

Clearly, Baby Boomers didn’t need hookup apps. A new study reveals that even though Millennials are more tolerant of premarital sex than previous generations (58% in 2102 vs. 28% in 1974), their parents and, in some cases, even their grandparents actually had more sex than you.

In fact, people born in the 1950s and 1960s, had the most sexual partners — an average of 11 — of all groups surveyed, while Millennials only had an average of eight sexual partners. (Oh, you baby booming sluts!)

Millennials have never known a world where premarital sex was a taboo. But although they’re more tolerant of these behaviors, they’re not taking that as license to sleep around. One reason might be an increased awareness about HIV and STD’s, not an issue of morality.

And despite your Mom and Dad’s friskier past, “sex talks” between the generations are probably still pretty awkward. What you might see when Millennials are discussing these issues with their Boomer parents is that Millennials are more permissive of sexuality, but Boomers might have to shut their mouths about how many partners they’ve had because the era they were brought up in frowned upon open sexual discussions.

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Originally published at on July 3, 2015.

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