Basics of Car Rental

There are many different car rental companies, such as Wheels 4 Rent that have used car rentals in Toronto. Before renting your next car, it is important to know what you are getting for your money.

It’s Okay to Use Smaller Companies

The majority of the market is large rental companies but that does not mean you have to stay away from independent outlets. Larger car rental companies are focused on sales and profits and your independent outlets are much more focused in customer service. Larger companies give you the convenience of online reservations but most independent outlets are going to give you better price breaks. Always shop around to get the best rates.

Choosing the Correct Car

Before choosing a car, always think about which one is going to best fit your specific needs. If you do not need a large vehicle, you should not get one but the same is true about making sure you get a car that is going to be large enough for your travel needs. If you cannot drive stick shift car, make sure you are not getting one.

Booking Ahead of Time

Do not wait until the last minute to book your next car rental. The earlier you book your rental, the better chance you are going to be getting a better rate. If you book ahead of time, you also are going to have a better selection of cars to choose from.

Number of Drivers

It is best to designate just one person to drive the car because many companies are going to charge you more if more than one driver is driving the rental car.


Car rental companies are going to try and sell you their insurance when you rent a car from them. In many cases, you DO NOT need to do this. Most car insurance companies are going to cover you when you rent a car. If you are not sure about your coverage, call your insurance agency to confirm.

Extra Fees

Always ask about what types of extra fees you are going to be charged for. Some of the types of fees you should be looking out for may include:
 • Penalty for no-shows
 • Driving over allotted mileage
 • Returning car in late
 • Returning car in early (especially if you are getting a weekly rate)
 • State, city, or county taxes
 • Vehicle licensing fee
 • Energy recovery fee
 • Hold on your credit card

Inspecting Car

Before and after you sign off and rent the car, it is important to inspect the car. Even if you see simple dings, scratches and dents, it is important to note these to the agent. The few minutes it takes you to thoroughly inspect the car, is definitely worth the time to prove that you did not cause any damage.

Emergency Safety Kits

Emergencies are going to happen and it is important to always bring along an emergency safety kit in case something were to happen.


There are many different Used Car Rentals Toronto that you can choose from. Before you decide upon a company, always check the fine print so you know exactly what you are getting with the car.

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