50 Free and Useful Websites

  1. usefulinterweb.com— An ongoing collection of useful internet links.
  2. bookzz.org— The world’s largest ebook library.
  3. ilovepdf.com— Every tool you need to work with PDFs.
  4. everydaycalculation.com— Online calculators and unit converters for everyday use.
  5. vocabulary.com— Learn new words.
  6. bestpodcasts.org — Get podcast recommendations.
  7. city-data.com— Data and details about every city in the United States.
  8. sublimemeal.com— Find the ideal meal for what you’re looking for.
  9. polishmywriting.com— Get feedback on your writing.
  10. youtubedoubler.com— Play two YouTube videos side-by-side.
  11. daybook.co— Keep track of your favorite activities.
  12. maps.me— Download maps for offline use.
  13. tomatoid.com— An online Pomodoro timer.
  14. cookstr.com— The world’s number one collection of cookbook recipes available online.
  15. allsides.com— See news and issues from multiple perspectives.
  16. reciperoulette.tv— Spin the wheel and reveal a new recipe for a delicious meal.
  17. openstax.org— A collection of openly licensed college textbooks.
  18. gowatchit.com— Find out how to stream your favorite movies.
  19. whats-on-netflix.com— Find the latest and greatest content available on Netflix.
  20. onlyeats.com— The newest and most popular recipes on the web.
  21. opencourser.com — Explore over 4,300 online courses.
  22. outdoorproject.com— Easily discover thousands of outdoor adventures.
  23. niche.com— Discover the tools and neighborhoods that are right for you.
  24. traveloften.co— A directory of the best travel blogs.
  25. lancelist.com— A directory of ways for freelancers to find work.
  26. textmechanic.com— Single task, browser based, web manipulation tools.
  27. mapinseconds.com— Paste spreadsheet data and get a map in seconds.
  28. thestocks.im— Aggregating the best free stock photo sites.
  29. talkify.net— A text to speech solution that reads any website aloud.
  30. 5calls.org — Five calls you can make every day to have your voice heard.
  31. thesmarttalk.org— Make internet rules for your children.
  32. takeafile.com— Send files confidentially and quickly.
  33. next-episode.net— Keep track of the TV shows you watch.
  34. bold.io— Quickly publish text to the internet.
  35. wikiversity.org —A database of 23,190 learning resources and growing.
  36. fontstruct.com— Build, share, and download fonts.
  37. patterninja.com— An application for making custom patterns.
  38. articlerewritertool.com— Free online article, sentence, and paragraph rephrasing tool.
  39. pcgamingwiki.com— A list of fixes and workarounds to every PC game out there.
  40. debate.org— Practice your debate skills online with others.
  41. ribbet.com— Online photo editing made easy.
  42. animatednapkins.com— Learn how to fold napkins.
  43. quickrant.com— Rant to the internet anonymously about your problems.
  44. philosimply.com— Philosophy made simple to understand.
  45. describingwords.io— A tool to help you find the best adjectives for the thing you are trying to describe.
  46. findlectures.com— Search the web for the best academic lectures.
  47. cohab.io — Find the perfect place to live that works for your commute.
  48. watch2gether.com— Watch videos online with friends.
  49. wherevent.com — Find the best events and activities in your area.
  50. bloclock.com — Visualize your day in ten minute blocks.