How To Fix Connection Errors In Google Chrome?

Many errors and issues may happen on Windows operating system in general, and many of them are only occur on Google Chrome browser. I have been installed and using Chrome browser for years, and faced many errors, one of them is the connection error. I called as a subject because I grouped all connection errors into one type: the connection error.

Connection Is Not Private And Secure

In this group, many kinds of connection errors you may have faced when using Google Chrome. However, there are some general solutions to fix them. For example, last week, I have met an internet connection error within the Chrome. This error is prevented me from loading websites with SSL connections, and then showed up an error message: Your connection is not private — ER_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID.

From my experience of dealing with many kinds of connection errors, I realized two things could cause this error: somehow SSL certificate can’t verify the connection — or — some applications blocked the connection. Going to diagnose the issue, I figured out that the built-in Windows firewall has blocked a part of the SSL connection, which will prevent website to load with SSL correctly. That’s why Google Chrome browser shows up to us the above error message. Because it could not verify the SSL connection is secure or not.

In that situation, I need to turn the Windows firewall off first to check if it causes the error or not. After turning it off, my Chrome browser can load website correctly — there is no issue at all.

The next step, I have added the SSL connection into whitelist of Windows firewall to prevent it from blocking SSL connections anymore in the future. The problem is fixed!

There would be another cause that you may have faced in the future with the same error message. That’s if the time of your computer is incorrect, SSL certificate also couldn’t verify and match with the time of the server. It leads to the Chrome browser unable to verify the SSL connection, and the error will show up.

So, if you are facing this issue: Your connection is not private — ER_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, make sure you tried both above methods. It will be helped you to remove the error from your computer and Google Chrome. You can also bypass this error by hitting “Advanced” and then “Proceed”, there would be no problem at all.

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