Two travelers walked into a dirty apartment…

Did you know the average traveler reads 12 online reviews before making a booking decision?

For Travelers, there’s nothing worse than finding a place you want to book on one of the big rental sites, booking your flight, and arriving only to walk in and find a filthy place… A dirty bathroom, or an unmade bed.

One of the biggest reasons Hosts get bad reviews on rental sites like Airbnb and HomeAway is because of cleaning… Or lack thereof. After all, one person’s sense of clean is another’s total disgust. Whether you have a cleaning service, or you clean your property yourself, making sure your rental meets a minimum standard of clean is not only critical to your guests’ experiences, but vital for your rental business as well. All you need is one bad review (or many) to plunge your rental business into a void of open calendars, poor rankings and no reservations.

To ensure a consistently clean rental every time, try our 30 point cleaning process.

Having a checklist like this, not only makes it easy for you or your cleaning professional to ensure consistency, it’s the first step toward establishing a tried and true process that anyone can do, should they need to fill from time to time. Of course, there are always other things you can do on top of this list that make all the difference in the world. But, these are the basics. Stay tuned for our upcoming article about how to go the extra mile when cleaning and prepping your next guest. You’d be surprised just how easy it can be.

What would you add to this list that you think should be included in our GuestBook Cleaning Standards? Leave your suggestions in the comments or come on over to our blog and jump in the conversation.