Web Push Notification: New and effective way to increase engagement and conversion rates

Unleash the potential of a brand new communication channel to leverage customer engagement and brand loyalty. Omnichannel personalization platform Insider has been providing mobile push notification technology to mobile apps and is now supporting web push notification on Chrome and Safari browsers.

With our web push technology, the advantages of push notifications are at your disposal even if you don’t have a mobile application. This new technology has a similar working principle with mobile push notifications and allows you to send push messages even when your site is not open on the browser. Working on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, web push notifications arms you with an unparalleled opportunity to engage with your offline users without having their contact information!

Create 360 degree customer profiles.

As a part of Insider Web API, web push notifications enables you to integrate push behaviors and data with other marketing channels. The data collected this way makes it possible to create 360 degree customer profiles and cuts a path to a more powerful communication.

Send personalized messages to your users based on their interests and preferences.

Encourage your users to complete their purchases.

Inform your customers about the latest news and new promotions.

Up to 15% increase in conversion rates

Web push notification allow marketers to achieve dramatic results in a short time. Communicate the right message to the right user at the right time with personalized push messages and enjoy 25% click trough rates on average with an up to 15% increase in conversion rates.