I don’t know about the circles you run in, but everything I’ve seen has the Republicans constantly…
Shauna Gordon

Even if republicans did harp on the Clinton loss more than democrats– something I seriously doubt– that would not negate the fact that democrats are still doing it a whole lot. This isn’t a score-keeping exercise. In addition, the damage done by smug republicans is minuscule compared to alienating rhetoric of the Clinton loyalists.

Republicans being smug isn’t even likely to produce converts. Not too many people are going to say “Ugh, they’re right! ‘Killary’ did mess up at Benghazi! I’m voting for whatever new Bush they dig up!”

What DOES cause damage is the dedicated Clinton supporters continually alienating a necessary and growing branch of the democratic party that supports traditionally democrat, pre-neoliberal, social democratic policies. The party-line dialog which insists that every democrat who didn’t enthusiastically wear their “I’m with her!” t-shirt in support of the would-be corporatist in chief, is a young, privileged, white, ‘Bernie Bro,’ or a woman who wants to “go where the boys are,” (thanks Gloria!) is alienating the people that the party needs the most.

Of course, the “Bernie Bro” and the “white leftists out of touch with PoC” lie was debunked, much like the gender shaming Obama Boys lie put forth by the Clinton camp in 2008.

(though I’m a bit skeptical that the 58% of women and 73% of African Americans stopped typing their typical Bernie Bro misogynist harassment tweets long enough to answer the survey)

It’s pretty obvious that Clinton didn’t work. We tried twice. Clinton loyalists who insist that Clinton DID work, and that it was actually the Bernie Bros who didn’t work, even though Bernie is currently “The Country’s Most Popular Active Politician,” are promoting a wrong-headed, election-losing stance, and that matters. The fact that there’s a groundswell of support around Chelsea Clinton proves that people are more interested in avenging Clinton’s loss than fighting for progressive policies, and that’s a really dangerous problem when that stands to alienate a huge and growing percentage of your party.

So who cares about republicans being smug? This is about actually pulling the left together to actually win elections and implement policy.

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