MAKITOO, the bug-killer solution for mobile applications

MAKITOO is the first real-time bug fixing solution for mobile applications, which ensures a better reliability of mobile applications and reduce software maintenance costs.

Who has never seen his favorite application crash or close suddenly? Faced with this frustration, many users simply delete that app. It means unhappy users, business loss and developer frustration.

Nowadays mobile applications are based on increasingly complex programs, installed on a wide variety of devices that are constantly evolving. Bug-free app has become over time an (almost) impossible quest. However bugs are the leading reason of users’ churn despite maintenance is the main budget in development costs. Definitely that subject is a strategic one.

Makitoo tackles this issue by providing an innovative solution for developers. Its SaaS platform enables to detect and fix bugs in real time. There is no need to redeploy the app. A “hot patch” is applied in a few clicks and is immediately available for every user. Users don’t even need to update their app!

The solution, currently available for Android applications, is based on three key features:

· monitoring of bugs,

· diagnosis to identify the cause of the bug and

· ability to apply real-time patch ( “hot patch”) to fix the bug

“Our vision is to provide a simple and effective tool which enables developers to handle bugs very quickly. If preventing bugs is impossible, fixing them as fast as possible is mandatory in order to fully satisfy customers, at minimal cost.” said Emmanuel Dissoubray, co-founder of Makitoo.


Founded in 2015 after several months of development within the startup studio TechnoFounders, Makitoo was launched leveraging a technology based on years of research carried out at INRIA. The young startup has already won the national award i-lab 2015 for its innovative solution. The Beta version of its hot patching solution is available for Android applications.

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