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For Court Renters

What happens if it rains?
If you have booked a court and it happens to rain, contact the court owner and attempt to reschedule a booking. If you cannot reschedule, then request a refund from the court owner.

How do I request a refund? 
Message the court owner and request a refund. If you have any issues with that, you can also request a refund through PayPal.

Cancellations and Refund Policy
If a court renter wishes to cancel or amend a booking made via the Site, the Cancellation Policy of the court owner will apply to such cancellation. Our ability to refund the Tennis Court Fee and other amounts charged to you in these circumstances will depend upon the terms of service of the applicable Cancellation Policy. Any Payment Fee charged after the Booking occurs is non-refundable regardless of the Cancellation Policy selected by the Host or the circumstances giving rise to such cancellation.

If a court owner cancels or amends a booking made via the Site, Usemycourt will refund the Tennis Court Fee as well as the Payment Fee (or proportion of the Tennis Court Fee, as well as a proportion of the Payment Fees as applicable) to the applicable renter within a commercially reasonable time of the cancellation.

If a court owner cancels a booking for a tennis court with:

  1. more than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice from the booking time, then Host Fees will not be payable; or
  2. less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice from the booking time, then Host Fees will be payable and immediately due by the Host to Usemycourt.

For Court Owners

What should I include in my listing?
Providing as much detail as possible — including a description, what suburb the court is located in, photographs and most importantly, what days and hours your court is available for hire. Click here to read our full guide on what to include.

When should I provide my exact address?
We recommended that you provide your address after payment has been received for the court booking, through email or text.

How do I take payments for my court rentals?
You need to connect your PayPal business account to your Use My Court account in order to take payments. Click here for instructions on how to set this up.

Are there any fees?
Yes, Use My Court takes a flat 10% transaction fee. So for a $10 transaction, we would take $1.

What should I do if I cannot honour a booking?
Contact the court renter and offer an alternative time or a refund.

How do I issue a refund?
Refunds can be issued from your PayPal account. Click here for detailed instructions on how to go about this.

Is there an easy way to manage my calendar?
We are working on making managing bookings easier on the site. For now, we recommend using one of these approaches:
This service allows you to make a live calendar for your court that people can select and book a time from. Once you have created your court calendar, including time of availability, include a link to your calendar from your court description.

Google Calendar
If you are a Google user, you can create calendar to manage your bookings. You can then make this calendar publicly available, so that users can see what times are available to book. Here are instructions on how to do that.

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