What to include in your court listing

Providing a compelling and thorough description can not only entice people to rent your court, but can save you a lot of time responding to messages.

We recommend including as many of the following points (below), to pre-emptively answers any questions court renters might have.

  • PHOTOS! Listings with photos are much more popular.
  • The days of the week and hours the court is available for hire.
  • If your cancellation policy differs from ours, specify the details of your own cancellation policy here.
  • Don’t share your details just yet. We recommend keeping your contact information private and sharing that with renters after they have contacted you.

Tips for booking management

  • Include a link to a calendar that shows the availability for the court. We recommend using Google Calendar or a tool like Calend.ly. If you are a Google Calendar user, share a link to your calendar so court renters can see when they can book.
  • If you don’t use a calendar tool, include a note to users to contact you before booking to check availability.

Still need some help? Contact our support team at hello@usemycourt.com

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