When people find excuses, the true reason is underneath

Lately I was setting up a bunk bed for my kids. The assembly schema was quite unclear, two kids (1 year old and 4 year old) were running around. This drained my energy very quickly. After three hours I ended up with 10 screws to finish line and I gave up.

When energy goes down excuses arise

The reason is very obvious, I simply didn’t have enough energy to finish it. But what happened more is that I actually decided to leave the bed in such shape and state that the work is done. I simply found an excuse that the screws are not needed (they were not crucial, they were holding some stuff on the bottom of the bed) and that I will glue them later on because screwing them was extremely annoying (no space for hands, poor hold in the end etc.)

Excuses make you grumpy, energy vampire

What is funny, my wife came in and asked why these screws were not used. I politely explained to her (not really, I was very annoyed so I was quite rough) that they are not needed. She contemplated for a second and said “Let me try to do it”. Wooha! my ego hurt. I was grumpy and tried to explain to her each time when she tried to do it, that’s its really, really hard. I was sucking all positive energy from her, but she didn’t let go.

Good example is the best way to get you back on track

After a while I started to help her out. I wanted to take part in her victory and to avoid losing this game. It worked out. We have finished the bed in no time. She also complained about the screws but she managed to overcome it because she had sufficient energy level.