Introducing Panda iOS Lite

If you’ve not heard the good news already, well here it is…you can now access Panda on iOS.

Nov 10, 2015 · 2 min read

Download here

Panda is the central place to browse your favourite websites under one roof. Panda’s simple interface and focus on content makes your reading experience fun, simple and complete. Panda serves to be a straightforward way for 130,000 designers, developers and creative professionals to get informed and inspired with all the latest happenings.

Getting Panda on mobile was probably the most requested thing from our users and nothing was more satisfying than getting an email from a user demanding to have Panda on their iPhone. Wait no more!

We did a hell a lot of testing, and boy was it super helpful. The amount of feedback we got was overwhelming, but in a good way. Without our beta testers we could not have got this far. Working on something that people want makes development so much more pleasurable, especially when you’re challenged with bugs and difficult design decisions.

You’ll notice that we’ve called it Panda Lite. Having a name like this forced us to keep things simple. But most importantly it enabled us to put something in your hands as soon as possible. We’re big believers of building Panda alongside our users, so we deliberately left out some features to see how you would use a simpler version first.

Panda Lite lays the foundation for which we can continue to build upon and hopefully, make it the best place to digest the best news and inspiration.

Here’s a quick overview of Panda Lite

You’re able to filter sources between news and inspiration. Select favourite sources quickly and browse through them with a swipe gesture. Now you can stay inspired and informed on the go. We hope you like it.


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Sharing the best things from Panda, a new type of RSS reader for designers, developers and entrepreneurs.

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