Introducing Panda Jobs Board

A job board is nothing new in the tech world, they’re everywhere. But hiring talent is probably the most challenging thing a company will face. And so we wanted to take a good stab at solving this problem. How? Panda, a new type of RSS Reader is being used by many designers and developers, and so it was an obvious step in enabling companies to tap into this community.

Job Perks

Instead of building another job board we wanted to re-think some important elements and understand what actually goes into looking for a job, or in a recruiter’s case, what goes into hiring. The most interesting insight we stumbled upon was the importance of perks. We found that the more talented you are, the more important the job perk. Talented people know their worth, which puts them in the position to demand more. With this realisation, we decided to put perks to the forefront.

But to validate this assumption we did some quick research on Hackers News and Designer News asking developers and designers what perks appeal to them. The responses are interesting, but you’ll notice reoccurring perks which formed the basis of our job board.


Let’s be honest, hiring is not fun. It’s tedious and laborious. So we poured a lot of energy into streamlining the process, making it easier to publish a job.

Something we’re really proud of is our metrics dashboard, enabling recruiters to quickly gauge how their job listing is performing. If you’re spending money, you deserve to see how well that money is working for you!

Access Panda Jobs within Panda

A job board is nothing without a community. You need to satify two parts of the equation. The demand side and the supply side. And so we’re allowing our users to access the job board all within Panda. It’s fully integrated to complement the UX.


We’re working with Designer News, a community for designers. This gives recruiters the opportunity to post to Panda Jobs but at the same time, have their job post advertised on Designer News without any extra effort, we handle the posting for you. We’re a big believer in partnerships, because with partnerships you increase your distribution, which helps companies find the right talent. We’re also working with startups at Techstars, Y Combinator and Seedcamp. If you have an accelerator and want to apply for a discount, email:

Finding the right talent or finding the right job is a hard endeavour and so we hope that today Panda Jobs alleviates some of that pain! Check out Panda Jobs