Introducing: Messages for Prime

Since the beginning of Prime, we’ve believed communication brings peace of mind. When family and health information are side-by-side, things no longer get repeated, misunderstood, or even worse: lost.

Today we’re introducing Messages, a major update to Prime that enhances the communication experience by adding free-standing messaging.

Yes, that is an Apple Watch. But that’s for another time.

To understand why free-standing messaging is important, imagine you’re 35. Your 65-year old mom has congestive heart failure and diabetes (both of which are sadly quite common). Mom still lives at home and is perfectly capable but appreciates a helping hand. You’re a good kid, you go with her to weekly doctor visits. She gets her blood drawn, medications updated, future appointments scheduled, every week.

You use Prime to keep track of all of this and keep the family updated — your life is a little bit easier.

But now your sister just texted asking who’s calling to reschedule the next appointment. And your brother’s emailing to ask how mom’s dizziness is doing in all the traveling to and from doctors. And mom is calling because her home meal delivery service forgot to bring low-sodium meals, which she needs because of her heart condition.

Family life is peppered with these little intricacies. Now Prime helps you with these raw in-between moments just as much as the medical stuff.

This hypothetical story is not unique. This is life for the 60 million of us unpaid caregivers who take care of a family member, and the even more massive 140 million Americans who have a chronic condition. These are big numbers. And they’re getting bigger every day.

As Prime continues to be used by more people, any little change we can make increasingly has the potential to save time and prevent agony. Big changes all the more so. Messages is a pretty big change so we rolled it out to some of our beta testers early. I think one of them sums it up best:

We hope Messages + Prime lets you live life just a little bit more.

Tyler, Owen, and Will

Taking care of a family member? You’re not alone — 60 million Americans do. We’ve got your back. Sign up free for Prime today.

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