Student: ‘If My Doctor Had Read The Report More Closely…’

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In college I went in for severe abdominal pain. After sitting for hours in the emergency room, in pain, with a rude doctor, he ordered a urine & blood test. Came back and told me I was pregnant & they needed to do an internal ultrasound to make sure it wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy (trust me-this is a bit invasive for a 20 year old that isn’t expecting something like this). Didn’t see anything saying it was likely too early, and told me to go to Student Health Services the next day to check my HCG levels.

I did that and the bloodwork came back and the doctor looks at me after reading the original emergency room report saying, “You aren’t pregnant and never were.” The ER doctor had looked at the qualitative test result (which said positive), but immediately next to it was the quantitative result which was very clearly negative (0.00).

If he had just read the report a bit more closely, it would’ve saved me from being scared, hiding telling my parents about the visit (I was still on their insurance), and getting excited then disappoint with my boyfriend.

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