Ideas #184

Hi world,

I feel like I’ve been away lately. Not fully present. And I haven’t been focusing on myself enough. Saying yes too much can be dangerous.

One second I am happy, the next I am sad. And I know that all of it stems from myself. As much as I want to blame my happiness on others or on outside influences that I can’t control, I truly know that it is up to me to decide wether or not I am going to be happy.

I haven’t been focusing on what I really care about. I have stopped doing things that are truly engrained in who I am.

I want to be there for my friends. I want to be a good friend. But, at times, it is ok to be selfish. To say no.

I can’t give the best me if I am not cultivating the best me. Loving myself is the most important thing, and it’s easy to forget to focus on myself throughout the course of life.

My consciousness is my center. It’s really all I have. I need to be at peace with myself before I can have any meaningful relationships with others.

Life is a learning process that brings one to great highs as well as shattering lows. The important thing is to recognize that it is all waves. One second you will be on the top of the wave but before you know it, you’ll be at the bottom.

Life is dynamic, it never stays still. Constantly changing, life won’t wait or be stagnant. A constant forward progression is what’s needed for positive personal growth. Nothing will ever stay the same. Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is what will truly bring happiness.

Not knowing is the only thing we know. Being ok with that is being happy.

- A thought from a boy who thinks too much. -

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