Ideas #186

My ever-changing emotional state.

I, unfortunately at times, am an emotional person. I am passionate and I care. So when things don’t go my way, at times, I get upset. But the fact is nothing ever lasts. Time is everything when trying to heal emotional wounds.

I have felt extremely devastated or elated at different points in time. But no matter how I feel, eventually, with time, I return back to baseline. What I mean by this is that I have an average emotional demeanor, as I believe everyone does. Sometimes our emotional demeanor can spike up or down. But over time it all averages out.

I try to remind myself of this whenever I am at an emotional high or low. Eventually it will fade away and become just another memory.

There are no highs without lows and there are no lows without highs. Recognize this and emotions become less sharp and tend to not be as devastatingly life altering.

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